ONE FUNNY STORY Maybe, it was true:)

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the surface of the Moon. For a long time before the expedition, the astronauts of the spacecraft Apollo-11 trained in a distant, similar to the Moon, a desert in the west of the United States. That land is native to several indigenous communities, and there is a story (or legend) that describes the meeting of astronauts with one of the locals.

Sometime during the training astronauts met an old American Indian. The man asked them what they were doing in the desert. They replied that they were members of a research expedition, which would soon go to study the moon. When the old man heard it, he paused briefly and then asked the astronauts if they could serve him.

"What do you want?" - they asked.

"Well," said the old man, "people of my tribe believe that the holy spirits live on the moon." I wanted to ask if you could send them an important message from my people.

"What is the message?" - Asked astronauts.

A man crawled something in the language of his tribe and then asked the astronauts to repeat it again and again until they remembered everything correctly.

"What does it mean?" - Asked astronauts.

"Oh, I can not tell you. This is a mystery, known only to our tribe and lunar spirits."

When the astronauts returned to the base, they were still curious what that secret message meant. So they searched and searched for somebody who can translate that message. Finally, they found somebody who could translate what the Native American had told them. When they repeated what they had memorized, the translator laughed uproariously. When he calmed down, the astronauts again asked him what it meant.

The translator explained that the secret message, that they had memorized so carefully, translated to, “Don’t believe a single word these people are telling you. They have come to steal your lands.”

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