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I'm taking two courses but want to take two other but I am terrible at remembering help

January 25, 2018



Do as many languages as you think your brain can handle. As for memory, there is tinycards. I also recommend using quizlet as well. It does a great job of reinforcing memory. ^ ^

You should probably change the location of this post to the general Duolingo forum for more helpful answers.


I my opinion, learn a language at a time then the process will be quicker, like if you learn french for 2-3 yrs then learn another. If you learn them all together you might give up. I want to learn french and possibly spanish. this website will help you remeber french vocab faster called lingvist. Its teaches very useful phrases. I am really good at writing but do you have anything like a website to help me with speaking fluenly (i also do french at school, i didnt even have a choice but i luv the language)


I going to try it Thanks for following I followed yo u:) Jessasnoop3

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