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"Duo speaks more than thirty languages."

Translation:Duo spricht über dreißig Sprachen.

January 25, 2018



Nicht schlecht für ein kleines Eulchën :)


Why cant I use "mehr als" here?


You can, although über sounds a lot nicer if you ask me. If mehr als was not accepted, feel free to report it.


I think mehr als better translates to "more than". Whereas über translates better to "over". This makes the most sense to me.


I am wondering if ueber would "sound a lot nicer" for a small number of languages. "Over" and "more than" are not interchangeable in English. The equivalence in usage begins to be lost as the number being compared approaches one. While "I speak over thirty languages" is certainly correct and in use, "I speak over two languages" sounds wrong. However, "I speak more than two languages" is clearly commonly used. Further, "I speak over one language" is clearly wrong and, in this case, "I speak more than one language" must be used. Would someone in Germay really say "Ich spreche ueber eine Sprache?" I wonder.


Duo accepts "mehr als" as of August 2018.


Just rejected mine I'm afraid…


Works for me. To be clear, I put "Duo spricht mehr als dreizig sprachen", which was accepted. Earlier I wrote "dreizug" instead of "dreizig" accidentally, which ended in rejection. Took me a while to notice what I'd done wrong, perhaps your version included a small error like this.


its "Dreißig"


I should hope so! They told us he was 133 years old, so he's had plenty of time to do something constructive - no more of this holy potato nonsense.


Could this also be translated as "Duo speaks about 30 languages"? Not in the sense "around 30, but we are not sure", but more like "about the 30 languages he learnt in his lifetime"


Judging from some of the questions set, I suspect that one is Gibberish. Obgleich er koennte auch Bahnhof sprechen


Can't this sentence also mean "Duo speaks (on the subject of) about 30 languages"?


mehr als doesn't work here

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