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Aikido! 合気道!

Calling on all Aikidoka and Jujutsu practitioners out there learning Japanese! Please join me in preparing for life in Japan! I hope to one day go to Japan and live there as an Uchi-deshi!

Meanwhile, we can throw each other online...


January 25, 2018



Hello ShogunRyudan13, I think interesting your goal. I like martial arts too and I read about. I prefer brazilian jiu jitsu, but when I was kid I read a book about jujutsu and curently I intend to read a book about aikido that my father lended to me. I would like to have motivation to practice sport again and to back fight bjj.


私も柔術をします I do jujitsu too. And I'm also learning Japanese for my trip to Japan


Good luck learning Japanese! I do Karate myself, but I never felt the need to go to Japan for that...

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