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can't go on Duolingo so much

I can't go on Duolingo so much and I'm trying to get a high streak! I'm losing a lot and I can't get a 10 day streak! What do I do!

January 25, 2018



The streak, like age, is but a number. Your experience is what counts.


Here's a lingot for you. Use it wisely : )


You can bring your daily XP goal down from the settings to fit your schedule. I think 10XP/day is the lowest. Once you complete skills, get levels etc you get duolingos and with those you can buy a Streak Freeze from the shop and it will not let your streak be broken if you skip one day but then you need to buy another one.


Great solution indeed! :D Surprisingly 1XP/day is the lowest (for PC/ ordinary web browser version) one can set and if one does timed exercise (which can be bought from the lingot store), it means one just need to get one Qs correct a day to qualify for the daily streak. lol

Well on the other hand, if one does not feel like to do his or her daily exercise, one should not worry too much about the streak number and do something else more fun occasionally to get rid of unhealthy stress and/or fatigue. ;) This is hardly a South Korean way but I think it is the right (more sustainable) thing to do. ;)


P.S: A lingot for you! Go get 'em, tiger! ;)

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