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How do you type using Chinese charecters?

so, I have been trying to figure this out and have failed completely. Does anyone actually know how to do it?

January 26, 2018



I recommend Google Pinyin; it is much better than the default Microsoft IMEs.


If you're using a PC on Windows 10, you may have to translate a bit for older windows versions, I went to "Time&Language">"Region&Language"> "Add a Language" and find 中文(中华人民共和国). Then it will allow you to add a keyboard, and you will want Microsoft Pinyin. I found it helpful to switch the hotkey for changing between English and Chinese from Shift to Ctrl. Otherwise, even typing this paragraph would have been a struggle. Hope this helps.


...and after having installed the keyboard you can change the characters from Simplified to Traditional in > Properties > Advanced - if you wish.


I assume that you are an English speaker and you do not have specific preference for Traditional Chinese. What you would need is to install a simplified Chinese keyboard (already explained above by other users). In the case there are several varieties to choose from, or in the keyboard setting there are several options in it, choose 全拼 Quanpin, as other options may not follow the usual QWERTY keyboard layout.

There are other input method options, but which may not be very friendly to foreigners.

On my Android phone I also have the options to input by handwriting (with my finger on the touch screen), as well as speech-to-text, although I don't use them often. For a computer these are also possible with simple hardware.


Any Mac users here? I finally figured it out... .whereby I can even highlight a character we are studying on Duolingo, and get the meaning immediately through an installed Chinese-English dictionary. I posted it here in the discussions linked to a lesson a few days ago. I'll retrieve it if anyone is on a Mac. There's also this great app, that allows you to train how to type in Mandarin Chinese, either S.C. or T.C... It's a lifesaver . . . It's called "Master of Typing Pro - Learn to type in Chinese". yes, you read that correctly, you get to practice where all those characters are, and believe me, after a while, you'll be surprised how fast you learn and retain that stuff, and you'll type a lot faster.....

So, Mac Users, anyone? make yourselves known, I'll be happy to help.


Mac User here. Thank you. I will check it out.


what operating system are you on?


You first need to install a new keyboard. On the smartphone you do that somewhere in the properties section. You can then switch between keyboards by pressing the two letters (e.g. EN) until it says 中 In order to add a character to your text, you type the pinyin and it gives you a selection of the characters with that pronounciation. Just click on the correct one and you are done.




anyone having trouble getting input accepted as correct? i enter in simplified characters the correct answer (even with ounctuation) and it’s always rejected. i think i’m going tonhave to quit. i cant progress due to this


It might be useful if you could post a screenshot of this.


still trying to get a screenshot to post correctly. please forgive my technological ignorance.


also, it appears that you are a hyperpolyglot. what is you language acquisition strategy?

here are more lingots for what i assume is a frequently-answered query for you. :-)


same I'm totally confused I NEED HELP!


me too -

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