"The book is cheap."

Translation:책이 쌉니다.

January 26, 2018

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How do you pronounce "ㅆ"?


ㅅ is like "s" but ㅆ is stronger and kind of aspirated.


It is quite similar to English s.


I am really struggling to hear a difference between 싸다 and 사다 when I plug them in on Google Translate and have it read them back to me. I'm not sure if my ear just isn't trained enough, if Google's robot voices are incorrect, or if 싸다 and 사다 actually sound the same.


just a beginner, but from the pronunciations ive heard of both so far,

사다 has a lighter almost airy quality to it (sah-da), and at least when i say it, i tend to drop my jaw a bit (아 sounds like the "a" in ārtificial).

싸다 on the other hand, probably sounds closest to the english "sa". the "ss" sound is really audible and almost prolonged a bit (ssa-da), and i tend to pronounce the 아 with a wider mouth (아 sounds like "a" in cāt).


싸다 and 사다 sound subtly different in papago (papago app or papago.naver.com)

Although, listening to real recordings of people seems like a better idea than relying on this.


Why is it "책이" and not "책을"?


을 is an object marker.


I don't understand, isn't book an object?


In Korean, 를/을 tells you that the action of a verb happens to the thing.

But there is no action in the sentence.

In English, the object can be the recipient of action or just the direction of the thoughts, which is different from Korean


यह किताब सस्ती है | = 책이 쌉니다

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