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  5. "A man who kicks a ball"

"A man who kicks a ball"

Translation:공을 차는 남자

January 26, 2018



차 = "tea", "car", "sleep", and "kick"



Oh dear it's fine don't panic. In several languages there are some words which have different meanings.We are glad that you're learning. Cheer up!


Anyone else confused why 공을 차는 것이 남자 is incorrect?


The "-은/는/을 것" is ONLY used to create gerunds.

Q1.) What is a gerund? Ans: A gerund is a verb in the NOUN FORM usually seen as verb+ing form.

Example :

1.) I like sleeping. = (나는) 자는 것은 좋아해요.

2.) Dancing is hard. = 춤을 추는 것이 어려워요.

You can find more USEFUL information here :

TTMIK : https://talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum/level-2-korean-grammar/lessons/level-2-lesson-19/

How to study Korean : https://www.howtostudykorean.com/unit-2-lower-intermediate-korean-grammar/unit-2-lessons-26-33/lesson-26/

On the other hand, "A man who kicks a ball", describes the man using the verb in its 'describtive form'

•To change a verb in the descriptive form,

Verb stem + 는(Present), -ㄴ/은(Past), -ㄹ/을(Future).

Example : –

1.) 차다 - to kick

Present : 차 + 는 = 차는

The man who kicks the ball = 공을 차는 남자

Past : 차 + ㄴ = 찬

The man who kicked the ball = 공을 찬 남자

Future : 차 + ㄹ = 찰

The man who will kick the ball = 공을 찰 남자

TTMIK : https://talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum/level-3-korean-grammar/lessons/level-3-lesson-14/


Wouldn't "the man kicking the ball" be a far more natural translation?

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