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  5. "물을 좀 제공하세요!"

"물을 제공하세요!"

Translation:Offer some water!

January 26, 2018



Isn't 제공하다 to provide?


I am native Korean. 제공하다 also means to offer.


This is such an awkward way of saying this. Duolingo needs better questions for Korean


Can someone explain what's passive about this?


It's not, but the corresponding passive verb 제공되다 is passive. Duolingo provides examples of both the active and passive verbs, I presume so that you can catch on to the pattern and understand how they're used. E.g. -되다 passive verbs come from -하다 active verbs, etc.


Good answer. It makes sense.


It's not passive


This section doesn't make a lot of sense. There is a lot to teach about about how the English passive can manifest in Korean but so many of the problems in this section don't seem to be building towards an understanding of all that.


I wouldn't expect Duolingo to teach me everything. This is just a starting point before you get into serious learning.


There is a fair bit of stuff in this current course to unlearn and to clarify. I hope it keeps getting edited and appended.


Jeong-JinL, I have found over many years of life that much of what we learn today, we later find out that it is either incorrect or partially incorrect and our knwledge base must be modified. That's part of learning and progress. Those individuals who think that they have all of the correct answers are fooling themselves.

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