"Prenumele meu este Ana."

Translation:My first name is Anna.

January 26, 2018

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Seriously people? Anna Ana, no difference really with proper names. You should accept the variations !!


Meu masculine singular, mea is feminine singular mei is plural


In the UK first names are Christian names.


Well, since people who are not Christian also live in the UK, I guess first name will do.


It should accept first name, given name, and Christian name.

It's worth remembering that in Hungarian, East Asian, and Southeast Asian names, the surname is the first name.


You have that the wrong way around. Also, Romania isn't in the UK.


Is there any rule for when to use 'meu, mei, mea' etc?


Yes, "meu" is masculine singular, "mea" feminine singular, "mei" masculine plural and "mele" feminine plural. You can often figure out the correct one by looking at ending of the word before (just not in this case, unfortunately). Otherwise you have to learn by heart wether it's a feminine or masculine (or neuter) word.


In reality no Romanian would say this. The first name in Romania is the family name. When i was there it created quite a bit of confusion when i told them my first name was Sarah. Just a cultural tidbit to help out.


Really? I knew that about Hungarian and East/Southeast Asian names, but not about Romanian names, despite my four visits to Romania of several months each.

The Wikipedia article is a bit ambiguous. In the intro it says:

In official documents, surnames usually appear before given names.

But in the Surnames section it says:

The name reform introduced around 1850 had the names changed to a western style consisting of a given name followed by a family name (surname).

Maybe it's like in English where in normal language we say "Fred Smith" but in some kinds of official documents we might write "Smith, Fred"?


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