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"Strengthen Skills" not working

"Strengthen skills" is failing to identify the skills that I actually need to practice. Spanish, for instance, keeps giving me ir Future sentences over and over and over, but the skill is gilded, and the algorithm is ignoring skills that are not. This is just one example, though. It's happening across languages.

January 26, 2018



Moving this to troubleshooting, which we monitor for bug reports. This issue is now under investigation and we are working on a fix! Thank you for describing it to us (and thanks to everyone who filled out a bug report!) =]


Great to hear. Can't wait for the fix :)


Seems to be working again. Thank you!

[deactivated user]

    I posted this on another thread:

    The strengthen skills behaviour changed indeed a couple days ago. It used to always pick a strength in need of improvement and now half of the times it won't. It might be testing you for individual words instead of whole skills.

    It would have been nice if they had announced that change to us.

    If the strengthen exercises start mixing sentences from several skills then all the better... it's more challenging. If I want to strength individual skills I can use the tree.

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    Duolingo, please fix this! I have 4 skills that won't strengthen past 75%. One of them might go to 100%, but then it reverts in minutes. Thank you.


    Ow. Good to see that I'm not the only one! I posted about it here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26047485


    The strengthening skill has always been broken since the big update. (Which I doubt you were on duo when it happened.) There was an update and it was making everything on here go really slow they even took away some features to make it go faster. But I think when they were adding the new codes they accidentally messed with others because some stuff stopped working properly. Including the strengthening. So the thing to do is not to really worry about it or you'll get no where because there going just keep fading. So if you keep trying to strengthen that you'll never get anywhere new. Long story short there broken don't pay much attention because your probably doing great! But yes over time it seems to be getting worse. But don't pay too much attention it just doesn't work properly. Your probably doing awesome.


    I can't get past the same skill strengthening exercise because of the bug in one of the questions -- the one that says "Si, soy un ingeniero y carpintero" is broken and keeps repeating and then won't allow me to skip, so I can't move on in strengthening. Is there a work-around?


    Do you have a screenshot showing how it's broken?


    I was able to get through it by using the feminine version of the sentence, but there was nothing to indicate that this was appropriate or needed, and there was no way to skip the lesson -- it just kept going in circles. Not really anything to show.

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