Norwegian tree - Strengthen skills button broken

I've been doing my daily practice in my Norwegian tree. I'm almost by the end of the tree when it's about making the skills golden. Everything was fine, but then I clicked "strengthen skills" again (the button on the main page with the tree) and suddenly I was thrown back to the start of the tree with all the basic lessons. I was a bit surprised, as all of those skills with the basics are golden. But I thought it's maybe just a random check, as it's been a while sine I've made those golden. But actually no. I've done already 4 lessons from the "strengthen skills" button and it's still stuck on the basics despite the fact that all of those skills show as golden. There's definitely something wrong with the tree going on. I also noticed that while making skills golden duolingo skipped a lot of skills between Future Perfect skill and Adverbs 3.

January 26, 2018

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Hi! This is likely a bug, we are looking into it right now. Please report it again if it keeps happening within the coming days. Thank you for sharing and all the people who submitted bug reports via the the form as well! =]

January 26, 2018
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