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What are some good resources to practice reading for intermediate/advanced learners?

I want to find some good books or articles to practice my reading abilities. If possible, are there websites for native Chinese speakers that could provide such materials? In my experience, when I try reading articles on native Chinese websites, the level is too advanced.

January 26, 2018



It seems that what you want is something that doesn't require a lot of dictionary use while reading. The material you are looking for is out there, but the problem is how to find it. Personally I went to the Chinese fiction section at my local library and tried reading several books, until I found the right one. Ideally there should only be a few words you don't understand on every page. If you don't have a library with Chinese literature at hand you could probably do the same thing if you find a website with Chinese literature. Contemporary fiction is probably your best bet. 韩寒 is one of the authors I found to be at the right level for me.

While writing this I remembered the chairman's bao. https://www.thechairmansbao.com/ But it seems to have gotten more limited for non-paying users. (Or perhaps it always was, I don't really remember.)


Chinese Breeze Graded Readers are quite good and are set at different levels.

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