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Pickings from German "future 3" chapter

"Write in German: You will arrange it .... X(wrong)

YOUR RESPONSE: Du wirst es anordnen.

CORRECT RESPONE: Du wirst es ordnen."

hmm.. okay I got it. The next one:

"Write in German: Who will arrange it ... X

YOUR RESPONSE: Wer wird es ordnen?

CORRECT RESPONSE: Wer wird es anordnen?"

C'MON, MAKE UP YOUR MIND! :( :/:#@&*+?´

January 26, 2018



Ordnen, to organize / to arrange.

Anordnen, EITHER to command OR to arrange something in a very specific way

Sometimes anordnen and ordnen can be interchanged, but not always. Das Kind ordnet die Spielsachen der Größe nach. Das Kind ordnet die Spielsachen der Größe nach an.

First would describe something, like he sorts all his toys and has a piles for different sized toys. Second would describe more a situation where the kid puts the toys all in one line, beginning with the smallest going to the biggest.


There's a difference between ordnen and anordnen, but from the English sentences it's not clear which one is meant, so in both cases both verbs should be accepted.


this happens in other languages also on Duo. I'll type an answer. It is wrong, so the next time, I type what they corrected to, and the answer is the one I gave before;. And that goes back and forth several times.

Some languages have where it accepts both. But it makes me crazy when they back and forth the "correct" answer, even if both are correct. argghhhh

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