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"Matěj does not hear your machine but does hear ours."

Translation:Matěj váš stroj neslyší, ale náš slyší.

January 26, 2018



My answer -- Tvůj stroj Matěj neslyší, ale slyší náš -- was wrong. The correct answer offered was "Tvůj stroj Matěj neslyší, ale náš ano." I will assume this is a good way of making the point and (if I remember it!), I'll try using it when an opportunity arises. Meanwhile...

Since the correct answer given above is almost the same as my wrong one, there appears to be a word order issue. Could someone explain, please?


When you finish more exercises, you will find out it is quite common to have some valid word order combination missing. Report if you believe your answer is right. Ask if you are not sure.

The more words the sentence has, the more it is likely there is some permutation missing because there are a lot of possibilities we have to cover.

Just for you interest there already 14 templates of correct sentences for this exercise, each covering many possibilities with different word choices. It is very easy to miss something.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm trying to get into the habit of reporting something that I THINK should be acceptable... just in case it is. :-)


what's wrong with this: Matěj neslyší tvoji mašinu ale slyší našou?


našou is not any valid form of náš, as far as I aware. You would need tvou or vaši.


Thanks, it looks like automatisms between slavic languages can be really annoying sometimes.


Matěj neslyší váš stroj, ale náš slyší. Add it, please. Thank you.

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