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Weird Sentences

Does anyone else get, like, sentences that seem weird? "Do we like that, children?" "That man has all the answers." Is that just me, or does it seem like kinda strange? I don't mind, I really just thought it was funny, but, ya know, still strange.

January 26, 2018



I noticed this too and have a guess as to why this may be. Many of the sentences are strange and would only make sense in very specific contexts. However, there is a benefit to these sentences being strange because their strangeness requires the learner to understand what each individual word in the sentence means. If they gave us very ordinary sentences, it would be easy to guess at the meanings and not learn the individual words as well. Of course, I could be completely wrong, and it's just a matter of people at Duolingo being bored or having a sense of humor.


if you think those sentences are weird, wait until you encounter the holy potato...

[deactivated user]

    the holy potato...

    I've read somewhere that that sentence is a reference to a German cartoon or something.

    [deactivated user]

      That man has all the answers.

      This one seems ok to me.

      One of my favourites is "I buy the fifth lemon".

      The body parts sections also has some intriguing sentences about "blue thighs" and "green ankles".


      Another of my favorites is "he eats eighteen tomatoes". That is just..


      Dead thighs and gangrene ankles? Sounds mortal!

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      Sometimes I have fun trying to imagine just the right situation where a sentence would make perfect sense. And exactly like Kevin564718 says " only make sense in very specific contexts".


      I got a totally unexpected opportunity to travel in Germany & Austria for around 6 weeks (!!!) this spring. Now I wish I had focussed on conversation skills more, since (thanks to Duolingo) the German phrases that I can most glibly rattle off are "he doesn't like furniture" and "from here comes the name of the present-day city." Hmm...


      Every now and then strange things pop up that make no sense in English. Sometimes its just flat out wrong. But when its a dialect thing - say between American English and British English they pretty much just say get over it. Not really a big deal. I was putting in corrections for awhile but I've pretty much stopped. Who has the time? I've learned to turn off my pet peeve switch. It is a free service.

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