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Japanese lesson: Hobbies

In this lesson, I'll go over what I feel like are pretty common hobbies. This is more vocabulary rather than grammar, and I won't introduce anything new in this lesson, other than the vocabulary words themselves.


趣味(しゅみ)- Hobby

~のが好きです(~のがすきです)- To like doing __

絵を描く(えをかく)- To draw a picture

歌う(うたう)- To sing

音楽を聞く- To listen to music

踊る(おどる)-To dance (also ダンス)

読む- To read

料理する(りょうりする)-To cook

ピアノを弾く(ピアノをひく)-To play the piano

ギターを弾く(ギターをひく)-To play the guitar

勉強する(べんきょうする)-To study

走る(はしる)-To run

泳ぐ(およぐ)-To swim

遊ぶ(あそぶ)-To play

散歩する(さんぽする)-To take a stroll

Example sentences



My hobby is piano



I like to listen to music



I love to cook with my friends



I took a stroll in the forest



It is hard to study Japanese



It is fun to sing

I decided to go and make a tiny card deck, which can be found here, so that you can quiz yourself on these words if you really want to.

As always, if you catch any mistakes please tell me so I can fix it. If you'd like a word for a specific hobby, comment and I can tell you.


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January 26, 2018



thanks! this is useful for both beginners and intermediate learners (because of the kanji), good for multiple levels :)


ありがとう! Yes please! Verb requests:

~To do karaoke (would you just use "to sing" karaoke)?

~to drum (would you just use the same form as to play the piano?)

~to compose

~to spar

~to carve

~to weld

~to graffiti

~to mentor

~to be mentored

Also, are there descriptive words for verbs such as:

~to croon

~to howl

~to screech

~to chase

~to crawl

~to walk like a zombie?

You don't have to do all of these. Thanks so much for this!!!


I'll do my best haha

To do karaoke: カラオケに行(い)く It literally means "go to karaoke", but this is the way people have told me

To play the drums: ドラムを弾(ひ)く. The verb 弾く goes for most (if not all) musical instruments

To compose music (I'm assuming that's what you mean!): 作曲(さっきょく)する

I don't even know what spar means in English, I'm sorry!

To carve: 彫(ほ)る

To weld: 溶接(ようせつ)する

To graffiti: 落書(らくが)きする

I couldn't think of a word that would mean 'to mentor', you could probably use the verb "to teach"(教(おし)える)and then 教えされる to mean "to be taught (mentored)"

As for the descriptive verbs, I don't trust myself to try and translate haha. I hope this helped a little though!


tiredpolygot, 本当にありがとう! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of this!

To spar in English means.... it is to practice fighting. At least two people come together with the agreement to better their fighting skills and practice without actually hurting each other. You can do this in martial arts, boxing, and swords... sometimes you can use it as a description like "to spar with words".

Thank you so much for doing these.... I was wondering how karaoke would be used....

I will be sure to copy these down properly in my kanji notebook and keep practicing. ありがとうございました!!!


to croon: 鼻唄(はなうた)をする。Literally "sing with nose", more similar to humming.

to howl: 吼(ほ)える。With different Kanji used, it could also mean to shout, to bark.

to chase: 追(お)う。Almost equal in meaning. Xを追う=to chase X

to crawl: 這(は)う。Almost equal in meaning. 床を這う=to crawl on/through the floor

Hope these help.






Hahah! じゃ、興味を書いてください

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