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  5. "Medvědi to nevědí!"

"Medvědi to nevědí!"

Translation:Bears do not know it!

January 26, 2018



the way this rhymes i thought this ought to be some sort of saying or song, and there is a song about it haha :D


i did not even look--but version 2.0 will have "zbraně", and then the What the?! skill can get the direct quote :-) BTW, from time to time, please drop by to let us know if a gem of a sentence/word begs to be added, like here!


I know it (Ja vim). Bears do not know it (Medvedi to nevedi). Both sentences use "know" How is vi, vim, different from vedi, vedim (or is it vedem) I read the explanation as to when to use znat vs. vedet but still confused about when to use "vim"


Vím is the first person singular form, while nevědí is the irregular third person plural form for the verb vědět. See, for example: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/v%C4%9Bd%C4%9Bt#Conjugation, for the full conjugation. (Click on Show if the table doesn't immediately appear.)


How are "vedem" "vim" and "znam" different? Are they used in different contexts?


This has been asked quite a few times before, like https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25071408/I-do-not-know-whether-to-look

If you search you will find more.


Thanks. That was a great link.

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