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Help Please! Customary Bowing to Commence Japanese Classes


I'm wanting to know what word is used to describe the customary bowing ritual that takes place at the start of Japanese school classes (「起立、気を付け~、礼、着席」). I've heard the term ごれい(互礼?) used. Is a native speaker or someone familiar with this able to confirm?

Thanks, Jon

January 26, 2018



There are three commands/actions that the students do in unison at the beginning of the class:

  1. 起立(kiritsu) - stand up

  2. 礼(rei) - bow

  3. 着席(chakuseki) - sit down


授業前の号令 - "commands before class"

気を付け - "Attention!"


I studied in a Japanese high school for six months 12 years ago and these are still firmly set in my brain! I don't think I will ever forget them


I am not native. It should probably be the Commands 授業前の号令.

This is a related English for Japanese discussion.

お礼 refers to making a respectful gesture i.e. bowing.

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