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Combining Tenses

I think there should be additional lessons added that combine different tenses so that we can tell them apart when we are reading. For example, if I see the phrase "nous allions", I know that this means "we went" using the imperfect tense. However, it looks very similar to "nous allons" which means, "we are going." I think it would be helpful if we were given phrases that combine multiple tenses so that we can differentiate between them in our reading and in conversations. I also would like to see, for example, the simple future combined with conditional because for the conjugations with "je", the words end up sounding the same. E.g. Je serai = I will go using the simple future tense Je serais = I would go using the conditional tense, but they both sound the same.

January 26, 2018



And I agree that would be helpful


I think most courses need something like this. This actually wouldn't be as much of a problem if doing the "strengthen skills" reviews pulled the sentences from multiple lessons. Instead it seems to pull its sentences from usually one to rarely three lessons.


I like your idea. (I had been considering posting something similar.) And I don't consider your post as spam.

If I'm reading the DL guidelines correctly, they appreciate it if "feature requests" are posted in the "general "Duolingo in English" forum​. I just looked there and didn't see this suggestion posted.

Guidelines: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14754529

And the forum link: https://www.duolingo.com/topic/1/new


I would love a combined practice like that. I actually find it helpful to practice a single sentence idea using all the different tenses such as: I will work; I am working; I was working; I would have worked; I would have been working, etc. It lets me see how the same idea works in each tense setting.


My French teacher combined a bunch of tenses on the exam, which was tricky but really helpful! I would love to see that here!!

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