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XP Points totals

Once again, my Fluency level in French has been reduced by Duo. Monday last, I reached 68% fluency. Tuesday and each day since, this is shown as 67%. This, in spite of many hours of successful work since Monday. DOES anyone else experience this?

January 26, 2018



It goes up and down every so often. :)


oui, ca arrive beaucoup mais la barre de fluence n'est pas correcte donc, ca n'a pas d'importance. j'espere que j'ai aide! :)


yes and it's never more than 76% ;-)


Je suis d’accord avec jessasnoop3. Les points ne sont pas important. Est-ce que vous vous sentez que vous êtes encore ameliorer? C'est la point. (Je suis à niveau 19 avec 68% aussi)


yes, my fluency level has only gone up 1% since I started at the beginning and am now at level 13. I wish you well, keep going !


Hi Phil How many % is your fluency score ?

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Note that your XP total has nothing to do with your fluency rate. Every time you do an activity you get a certain number of XP. You won't lose XP unless you delete that course. Your level is decided from that.

Your fluency rate is calculated separately. I presume it has to do with how many different words you know and how "strong" they're listed.

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