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404 Error when trying to open a discussion?

Currently the discussion "Juhu! Ich habe mein erstes Buch in Deutsch gelesen." is at the top of the German from English forum for me; it supposedly has 39 replies and 39 up-votes... but when I click on the link I get sent to DL's 404 page.

The URL is https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2592900

This topic was posted by a deactivated user, which could be the problem, but having a topic become unavailable just because the user who starts it deactivates their account seems like a really bad idea, especially if that now-unavailable discussion is still visible in the forums.

Two ways to fix this, assuming I'm correct about why it's happening:

  1. The better way - stop having discussions become unavailable just because someone has deactivated their account. This seems like a really good way to lose lots of valuable discussions over time.

  2. The not as good way - if deactivating your account makes discussions you started vanish, at least make them vanish properly, ie title no longer visible in the relevant forum.

Of course, it's also quite possible I'm wrong about why this particular discussion vanished, in which case perhaps moderators and/or staff could enlighten us!

April 14, 2014



Looking into this - thanks!


Cool! And to answer a question about where I saw this link (that seems to have been edited) it was at the top of the default view for German discussion, so sorted by Popularity.



As a mod, when I look at that discussion, it says [Deleted].

One reason posts are deleted is so that Staff does not have to go through each post and chose which ones to delete if a user has done something that warrants being deactivated (aka violated the guidelines). There are many millions of users, it would not make sense to pick through each discussion a person has created after deactivating them in order to determine which ones violated the guidelines. That would be a lot of tedious work, time, and money. This is why it is important for users to follow the guidelines. It is their responsibility. And if a user deactivates their own account, should their post stay around so that they no longer have a say in whether to continue keeping it around forever? What if they were in danger and they needed all info they (potentially) posted about themselves gone? I understand the disadvantages of removing posts created by deactivated users. Unfortunately, the the advantages are greater than the disadvantages.


I understand the difficulty of policing a deleted user's threads, and the desire of some users to possibly delete every trace of their user of this site, but why is a deleted thread still showing up in the forum listings?

If a thread disappears, it should disappear completely and not hang around on the forum listings.


I agree.

I know staff has been working on the delete feature a lot over the last week or two. It has been having some major glitches for the last 3 or so weeks. I wonder if they are still working on it. Otherwise, from my limited perspective, it would seem like unecessary clutter to leave deleted discussions laying around for everyday users. (Mods don't count, we stare at invisible clutter all day so we can fill in our reports. By now, it just kinda blends in heh.)

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