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  5. "아직도 남자를 모르는 여자"

"아직도 남자를 모르는 여자"

Translation:The woman who still does not know the man

January 26, 2018



I don't understand the "who". It seems unnecessary.


How would you translate it so as to pinpoint the source of misunderstanding?


Well it makes sense now after reviewing the sentence, just it seems odd in English since it's not a phrasing I would use. I translated it as "The woman still does not know the man". But, I understand why this is wrong.


Could someone please explain the sentence structure to me? Why is the verb in the form of an adjective?


First, its not a sentence but just a fragment.

The phrase "아직도 남자를 모르는" is a clause that modifies the noun "여자". I use parentheses to help group the words in this breakdown:

(아직도 (남자를 (모르는))) 여자

  • 모르는 = "who does not know", modifier form of 모르다 used to describe a noun
  • 남자를 = "man", the object of 모르다
  • 아직도 = "still", the adverb acting on 모르다
  • 여자 = "woman"

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