I have a problem with french that is in school we are learning french you think that's much easier for me to learn french. But actually it's not I can't understand the teacher I can't do my work and I always have to guess what does it say. Could you guys help me? THX!

January 26, 2018


I am very glad to hear you are learning French, and that you are seeking to diversify how you are learning.

When learning languages it is best to seek out multiple ways to be engaged with the language.

When you do the lessons here, also take the time to read the "Tips and Notes" that appear with the skill you are learning.

Also, there is a set of discussions I have posted, that may assist with your learning journey.

goes through the first clutch of lessons to give you further information on the skills, presented in a different way to "tips and notes".

I also highly recommend

They explain things , I find, in a very clear way.

I also really like this site:
especially due to the links to audio files.

I also highly recommend the book:
Countdown to French Learn to Communicate in 24 Hours by Gail Stein.

I find the chatty and clear way they cover the subjects of language learning very beneficial.

And my preferred translator for French, thet I highly recommend is :

It is vastly superior to Google translate. It offers not just translations, but also a dictionary, contextual examples of the word in a sentence, conjugation lists, and now also Grammar information.

It also has some sort of connection with my preferred dictionary, being

Pay more attention in class and always ask questions. Dont talk or mess about when people around you are. In french lessons ,even tho i sit next to my friend i literally dont talk much unless its about the work and she used to get distracted but now shes more focus. sing apps like duolingo and lingvist will help you alot

My french teacher says that we don't have to understand everything she says. We just follow and learn as it goes on. Before, I did not know nothing, but now, I have a basic French vocabulary.

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