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Looking for people learning french!

Please follow me and I will follow back! Lets encourage and learn together! I'm just starting and couldn't seem to convince my family and friends to join. Hope to connect with some of you in DuoLingo Land :)

January 27, 2018



hi! i'm a native french speaker and i'm learning english if you want we can help each other))))) thanks


S'il vous plaît suivez-moi et je vais suivre! Encourageons et apprenons ensemble! Je ne fais que commencer et je n'arrive pas à convaincre ma famille et mes amis de me rejoindre. J'espère rencontrer certains d'entre vous dans DuoLingo Land


Hey :) yes, it's the same for me - I don't know anyone who is interested. It will be great to be able put what we learn into practise :)


coucou, j'apprends le francais. this app helps to talk to natives its called hello talk :)


Bonjour Natalie, Je vais vous suivre!

[deactivated user]


    hello this Adam Cartwright from bonanza an old Tv show even known i'm a girl!i just found out my friend is doing french to but i would like to get to know you . (p.s.my real name is Ashley Rodriguez!Yay!)


    i would like to learn together with you if you want you sound very fun


    i am also looking for some followers i am learning spanish and french so Natalie i was wandering if you want to follow me like you said if you follow me i will follow you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi Natalie it's me Adam Cartwright just wandering if you want to work together.Oh also Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!


    i also do spanish,french,and chinese.


    i agree with lonleyreddragon.


    i'm learning french

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