Translation:I am sitting on the box.

10 months ago



Both "I am on the box" and "I am sitting on the box" are accepted translations. How would one explicitly say, "I am sitting on the box" in Dutch so that it is clear that I am sitting as opposed to standing, lying down or being in some other position on the box?

6 months ago


I think the way it is phrased 'Ik zit op de doos', implies that you are sitting, as otherwise it would be sta or lig. The situation would be different however, if one were inside the box, 'Ik zit in de doos', in this case, it would be unclear in which position - sitting, standing, or lying down, you are in, because in that case 'zit' merely refers to you being located in the box, and not your orientation. I don't know the answer to my second example there, but I think I answered yours with my first.

6 months ago


OK, so, I asked. Ik ben in de doos = I am in the box (and won't tell you if I'm sitting, standing or lying) Ik zit in de doos = I am sitting in the box Ik sta in de doos = I am standing in the box Ik lig in de doos = I am lying in the box Because it is impossible for you to be unaware of your own position. However, if we are talking about John: Hij is in de doos = He is in the box and we definitely don't know his position. Hij zit in de doos = He is in the box, possibly sitting but doesn't have to be. Hij staat/ligt in de doos = He's inside and we know for sure that he's standing/lying.

The difference being that it is impossible for you to not know your position but it is possible to be unaware of the position of another person in a box.

But I think the real question here is: who sits in a box?!

5 months ago


Both "i am on the box" and "i am sitting on the box" is accepted. So how i know when to translate the "zit" to sit or to is/am. Please help"

6 months ago


what is difference between dozen = box and doos = box?

3 months ago


Dozen is the plural (boxes), while doos is singular (box)

3 months ago
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