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Advice for my dearest beginners of Korean language :D

Welcome once again and wish all the best of luck with your language learning journey! The below 3 tips are my pieces of advice for the beginners. Hope you all enjoy! Way to go everyone! :D

1) Say "No" to fear, extreme fatigue, negative thoughts & anxiety

They do affect your learning capability as well as both short-term & long-term memory. Not the end of the world if you forget grammar, make spelling errors and so forth. ;p



2) Do take full advantage of stuff made for kids in Korean, please.

Why not? Know it might sound tedious and even childish/morale destroying but do get your ears used to the sounds first! ;p Even those who already reached intermediate yet relatively weak in speaking and listening skill, please try them also.

People often forget that when learning it helps even more if your ears can also assist your eyes and your brain.

Stuff made for children is quite useful as "Phonics" is a very effective method in foreign language learning (most videos are less than 10 min. long since children usually have a relatively short attention span so do not fear. They won't bite. ) :D









3) Unless you are already an exercise junkie or addict, do more physical activities (ex. household chores, running, walking, helping others)

Moving your body, burning calories results in more Sulforaphane for your brain. It is a substance that protects the brain and restores cognitive Function. In a nutshell, it makes your brain healthier!










January 27, 2018



Thanks a lot for all your useful input to the forum these days. I fully agree with your advice. Listening is definitely something I try to focus more on these days. My favorite tools for this are TTMIK podcasts (the most popular ones), Korean101 podcasts (nice app to keep track of progress while in the gym) and booking Italki sessions for added speaking practice with natives.

And yes, exercising has been shown to actually help your body create new neurons (something that was long thought to be impossible). So definitely a must. And as mentioned above, you can combine it with some passive Korean learning through podcasts.


Hey, have been to your blog several times! Very impressive indeed! :D

Who knows you might find some Korean native speakers near you. I would definitely try meetup.com to check. Since not many Koreans know about meetup.com yet, you can be sure that those doing it are least likely be time wasters. :D

Speaking of the link btw. exercise and brain, I recently I read a newspaper article about a guy, a corporate lawyer in his early 30s. He started playing baseball at his elementary school since his lifelong goal was to become a professional baseball player.He never thought about anything else but sadly he faced some unexpected career-ending injury just before the high school graduation.In his early 20s, he did not even know alphabet not to mention English. However, he started his catch up studies from absolute scratch yet managed to catch up everything: He earned university admission, got himself a law degree and even passed the bar exam.

Think this guy's remarkable achievement is partly some miracle but science as well: Although he is unfit for a professional athlete, he still is super fit for an average person. Also, he continued to exercise hard as such became his second nature. As far as his physical and brain health are concerned he was more than ready to absorb everything at a remarkable pace. :D


Appreciate the compliment, thanks.

I live in Seoul, so it is not really a problem to find native speakers. I've used meetup quite a lot in the past, it's a great tool to find people with common interests. I actually manage a group myself focused on French and Korean, but it has been dormant for a while. Maybe now is the time to reactivate it.

I've found myself to value the Italki session, even here in Korea, as this way my language partner is sure to only speak Korean. Several other social interactions end up being carried in English.

The link brain-exercise I heard of it first in the most popular Coursera course, i.e. Learning how to learn. That's a nice anecdote you provide that seems to correlate with the data. My old professor who is in his early 50's only became aware of this info recently, so he has started to run on a daily base as his brain is his most important tool.

Even not for that, sport is just the best way for me to relax and clear my head.


I will definitely check Coursera! Thanks! :D

Speaking of our brain, have a strong feeling that we are not using its full capacity for sure.




Thank you for the advice! This is very helpful! I’ve definitely noticed that speaking and listening in Korean (and Spanish in my case) is much harder for me than reading and writing. I need to focus on those skills more! I didn’t even think about checking out resources geared more towards kids! Makes perfect sense! Thanks, avanade! :)

By the way the part you wrote about “morale destroying” made me laugh! :D


De nada mi amigo (or mi amiga)! Let us indeed be childlike, young at heart! :D

Even some of ASMR role play videos in Korean on youtube seem to be quite useful from learning perspective although the uploaders never thought of such. lol






I am on level 2 in korean.


Super! Keep it up! Hope you aim for 4 digit streak number now! Do not so too much yet do it every day!


hello senior .......... thanks for your such a helpful references ..........


You are very welcome! :D Hope your learning journey is not all about "I must become a grammar guru, spelling nazi, enlarge enlarge enlarge vocabulary" but fully appreciating the joy of learning and knowing yourself and others!


I just bought a child's book to read with my son, I think it's a brilliant idea! Thanks for the tips <3


Pleasure! I mean kids have so much energy all the time! We should be too from time to time! ;D Let us keep this good momentum throughout the year!

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