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"During the summer I am very busy on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

Translation:여름 동안 화요일이랑 목요일에 제가 아주 바빠요.

January 27, 2018



Is "제가" necessary for this sentence? Or is this one of those Korean sentences where the subject is contextual. I wrote "여름 동안 화요일이랑 목요일에 아주 바빠요" but was wrong.


I have the prepositional phrases in the wrong order and wrote: "화요일이랑 목요일에 여름 동안 제가 아주 바빠요" so "On Tuesdays and Thursdays" was before "During the summer". Is that wrong, or should I mark it next time I mix that up? (If there is a reason for that specific order, please help me understand.)


My answer "여름 동안 화요일이랑 목요일에 제가 아주 바빠요" was marked wrong. The "correct" answer was "저 여름 동안 화요일이랑 목요일에 아주 바빠요", but the word "저" had not been found in the word bank. I would like to ask staff to fix this error, thank you in advance. Posted on January 27, 2018.


I've just checked and the translation "여름 동안 화요일이랑 목요일에 제가 아주 바빠요" was added before January 27. Chances are you had a typo in your answer. Thank you.


Is there a specific reason for using -에 instead of -마다?


Because of there is "동안" ...?

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