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"The clouds are really beautiful!"

Translation:구름이 정말 아름답네!

January 27, 2018



What is the ~네 ending?


If ~네 ending is used it is probably an exclamation.

Used to someone you feel comfortable (such as yourself, your friends or someone younger) only

~네 ending is ofeten used in songs, poems and other pieces of literature


Polite form: 구름이 정말 아름답네요! (an exclamation when used to people older or more senior, other than yourself.)


It's more of the way you say it, like "wow that is in fact quite beautiful" kind of feeling in ~네


• -네(요) verb ending:

Element of awe and surprise due to acquired info being against expectations.

Also, comment tends to be mainly directed at Listener [unlike -군(요)/musing to self].

구름이 정말 아름답네 ! ~ (You need to see for yourself) The clouds are unbelievably beautiful!

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