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Suggestions for German Listening

I have finished Rosetta Stone German 5 and am working my way through the Duo course. I can understand a lot but I am far from fluent and good grammar. I would like to listen to stories while driving or in my spare time. I tried listening to children stories but a lot of them were still too advanced for me. Does anyone have any good suggestions on short stories to listen to? Or maybe a series of stories that progressively gets more advanced? I would also be interested in hearing any suggestions for intermediate reading as well. Thanks!

January 27, 2018



Not so much short stories but Deutsche Welle's "Deutsch, Warum Nicht" is a pretty good series for language learning. I think there are 4 in the series and they are pretty easy to listen to.

For intermediate reading, maybe "Die Welle" since the language isn't too complex (though the topic very much is and may not be too your liking. For other reading, I'd say just do some internet reading of online newspapers (like Bild.de, not so much Spiegel since their sentences are mostly paragraphs!) or maybe pick up some graphic novels that you can breeze thru.


Try some of these to start with: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5D443A49838608D1

dw.com's learn german section in general has several good audio and video courses for practicing your German listening. goethe.de also has several courses. I believe both of these sites are getting funding from the German government to promote the language and culture of Germany, so they are completely free.

You can also find plenty of content on YouTube with subtitles. Vlogdave and Easy German both do full length German audio videos with subtitles, so that you can read the words you didn't quite hear right. You might have to a do a lot of pausing and rewinding until your skill level gets higher. You can do this with books as well. Read a chapter and write down all the words you don't know. Look up the words and then re-read the chapter again. Especially in the early stages this constant repeating of listening and reading is good for your learning. It might not be the most fun at all times, but it is effective.

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