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Suggestion: Duolingo Trophy to sell

I think the users that achieve the trophy should be able to order a trophy at low cost, but something to motivate the language learners. I would like to have my German Tree achievement trophy. It would be cool. Duolingo should consider to sell it to whom achieves the last levels or get the whole tree golden in order to motivate people to get to the last level or complete the tree.


Felipe da Silva

January 27, 2018



i'm not against the idea of a duolingo store with trophies or merch, as i am a fan of the website and wouldn't mind contributing money to help the website.

but i think that buying plus is a better way to support them, as a shop for physical objects would be incredibly hard to set up especially considering that duolingo has users all over the world.

i think that your language learning on duolingo should be motivated by a love for learning and a goal of fluency. it sounds a bit stupid, but all the fun of getting to the end of a tree is knowing that you got to the end.

but if a merch store is ever considered by the website, i think trophies would be an amazing idea, much better feature than a poster or a shirt or something :)

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Persönlich würde ich das T-Shirt nehmen. ;-)


I'd be happy to take the T-shirt too, but would be content simply with some online hoopla. If I had the programming skills I'd volunteer to make a fireworks show and play a congratulatory tune or something a la Jacquie Lawson to celebrate the completion of the tree, and/or the first time it was made completely gold. As it is, I have to beg shamelessly to have fellow Duolingo-ers congratulate me for my various achievements.


There actually IS a shop: https://gear.duolingo.com/ (scroll all the way down, it's there among other useful links).

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