i am 20 days old in duolingo school .but i still have very confusion regarding the pronounciation.

January 27, 2018


So what’s your confusion in the pronounciation?

i am cofused because i don't have the clearity about various sounds of korean language . Because i am indian and there are very difference in sounds and usage

You might find this introduction to Hangul useful:

It takes some time to get used to the new sounds. It's completely normal. Don't try to rush it but be ready to spend some time with it. Your ears will get used to the sounds with time. Try to pronounce the hanguls with a help from an audio quide (like the video Staffan linked). Practice all fields equally: listen, write and speak and your brain will start using and storing the new info efficiently.

you people are great because you are doing many languages .Well thanks for advice yaar (friend )

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