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QUIZ: How many out of the 20 of world's writing systems can you recognize?

Hello everyone, to mark my 80th (as of today 81st) day here on Duo, I found a fun, little test:


There are 20 images showing world's writing scripts. Under each one are listed three names. If you pick the right one, it lights up green, wrong one - red. Regardless of the choice, a short note with informations about the script and where it's used shows up.

On my first try I scored 13/20. But on the second try, it was 18/20. Great way to practice recognizing the scripts, or even to get to know how they look like! (^.^)

If you feel up for the challenge, post your scores, there may be some script-experts among us! ;)

Edit: Whoa, you guys are amazing... it's like you all are true linguists at heart! I only got 20/20 on my third try ;P

January 27, 2018



I'm taking it right now and I'm cringing at the first question (Arabic abjad) because it's written from left to right and none of the letters are connecting. SMH. Will edit my post with results.


That was surprisingly easy. Or it's because of me learning about all of those languages (except Lao and Khmer, which I ended up recognizing because of looking through Unicode tables once).

Thanks for this post, OP!


I think you’re truly one of Duolingo’s linguistic masters.


Aww, thanks! To be honest I consider that quite high praise given my current age, lol.


Just curious, what languages do you study and how? Duo doesn't exactly have the Hindi group right now and you seem quite familiar with them ^.^


I've dabbled some in Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu. (I use Mango Languages). I recognized the other languages (Malayalam, Sinhala, Gujarati, etc) because usually when I research a language, I also research other languages within its language family. However there have been exceptions to this usually involving geography. Here's some examples:

  • After discovering the North Caucasian languages, I decided to research the other languages of the Caucasus, and lo and behold, I found the first Indo-Iranian language (outside of Indo-Aryan languages) I fell in love with: Ossetian.

  • After discovering and falling in love with Kazakh, I decided to look around Central Asia, where Kazakh is one of the languages spoken there. Then and there I found the Tajik language.

Normally the first Indo-Iranian language that pops into people's minds is Farsi (Iranian Persian). Not me. I'm reminded of Ossetian and Tajiki Persian, since they're the first Indo-Iranian languages I discovered. (I still love Farsi, but Ossetian and Tajiki are closer to my heart.)

As you can probably tell, I'm not really into mainstream things (unless it's a mainstream language that's not Spanish, and even then minority languages are closer to my heart). No wonder I find it so difficult to talk to my crush...


You said that you are young... but you surely have a bright and succesful future ahead! You have my bows and respect! You already are a true linguist :)


Wow, that's really impressive! You are an expert! I failed mainly at the Brahmic scripts, they look quite similar to me as I never studied Hindi languages ;)

[deactivated user]

    Well done OmegaGmaster, impressive!


    I only got 10/20!!! :)


    Dang, I did terrible. I got 11/20. Thai and Lao are very close in scripts, and I typically can recognize Thai but when it's after the Lao question, I get very confused. However, I can at least tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. ^ ^

    This was an interesting quiz. Thank you!


    19/20. I confused Malayalam with Sinhala


    RIP. Nice work though!

    [deactivated user]

      Lowest score until now for yours truly... 8/20. Yeah, I'm that good at Asian languages scripts.

      Hats off to those who got more than 15 right.


      16/20. Thanks for the challenge! :)


      Got 14 just being lucky. Deserve 4 : P


      Wow, 12. There were only about 4 or 5 I was certain of, and the rest I just guessed. I didn't even know that half of those languages existed!

      [deactivated user]

        More or less like me... except that I only managed to get 8 right. :)


        14/20. The Indian languages destroyed me. I only got Devanagari.


        19/20 - Got Arabic mixed up with Persian. :-)


        I got 15/20. I got tripped up on most of the Southeastern languages (Hindi, Burmese, Thai, etc.) Not bad, for knowing none of these languages.


        14/20, similarly unable to distinguish a lot of the SE Asian abugidas.



        Thanks for this, it was really interesting.


        17/20. All of those South Asian alphabets look the same!


        17/20. Well, it was better than what I expected :D


        This is what I got: Congratulations! You got: 20/20

        Can't believe I got this! Tried to post screenshot Didn't work out :) But I'm happy wit my score


        Very impressive! Congrats! :)

        [deactivated user]

          Impressive indeed.


          14/20, thanks for the fun quiz!


          I got 11/20 but guessed at least 3 or 4 of those... hahaha


          15/20. The south-east Asian languages tripped me up a bunch. And also I forgot that Armenian looks the way it does (I think I pictured it looking more like Georgian).


          Yeah, I thought Armenian looked kind of weird. Seemingly, the letters were too straight, I felt it should've been more slanted. I wouldn't say it was similar to Georgian, though, because Georgian consists of (what I think) look like a bunch of curves.


          TBH I enjoy written Armenian much more when it's rounded and not slanted as I find it easier to read that.


          I’m not very familiar with writing systems from India so I got 16/20. Still a fun little quiz to take. :)


          I got 19/20. I missed the nineteenth question, but I probably would've been able to figure it out if I hadn't been so careless. I thought the Lao script might've been the Thai script but in another font that made it a bit more curly, but I guess not. :/


          Fascinating test!


          1. I failed Arabic because it was written in a really weird way, with spaces between each letter or something.


          Got 16 right. If you didn't noticed, the hebrew sentence they put there is wrong because it is written from left to right, even though hebrew is written from right to left

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