"My bear reads books, yours eats carrots."

Translation:Ursul meu citește cărți, al tău mănâncă morcovi.

January 27, 2018

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I'm new to this language but, to me this says "My the bear reads books, yours eats carrots". Why ursul and not urs?


When doing possessives in Romanian you use the "the ..." version of the noun instead of the basic noun by itself. I'm not sure why this is the case, perhaps a native Romanian speaker could help you out more.


I'm not a native speaker but I think it's because the it's referring to a specific bear. Since "my" implies a specific bear, the definitive form is used.


Skye is exactly right. If you think about the way definitive articles are most commonly used, to indicate the uniqueness of an object, then it only makes sense that if you indicate this object is yours or someone elses you refer to a very specific one.

In English it's inferred that objects with possessive pronouns mean logically specific and unique objects and act as if they were articulated


I welcome you to this language,first of all!


It would be helpful to have a short explanation of the actual grammar of how you construct possessives so that these exercises would be more useful.


If you go on the online version of the course you will be able to find some tips for each lesson


I agree we haven't covered this in any lesson so far.


De unde vă vin ideile astea de fraze?


There's also a difference between the spelling and writing by the word ,,morcovi".


I cannot work out when to use vostri or al tău for 'yours'

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