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Wannabe Japanese Readers club.

Hi everyone. I can't find rules about posting about clubs so I hope this isn't offensive. I have learned Japanese off and on for several years and some recent life changes have made me more motivated to start over fresh after a hiatus of one year or two.

I am mainly (re)learning Japanese to play Japanese video games and to read mangas that are not popular enough to ever be translated into English for the United States (where I live). I do not plan to live in Japan or to be able to fluently speak the language, although I would like to visit the country someday. So my own focus on being able to read the language for my personal enjoyment is why I have a readers' club.

If you have similar goals, you are welcome to join my club via your mobile app. The name of the club is Wannabe Japanese Readers and the code is PAFZ93. I have experienced inactive and boring clubs in Duolingo, so as soon as the weekly leader board for that club resets and I have a minute, I will remove people at 69 XP or below to encourage new and active members. Not this week, of course, since there is only one day left for the leader board. :-) I have been at 350 XP weekly since joining Duolingo and maintaining that level is easier than most people think (and I work full time).

Thank you for your time and interest! :-D

January 27, 2018



Wow, the club is full now. Thank you everyone for your interest. :-) If you are interested in joining in the future, wait for the leaderboard to reset next week and every Sunday thereafter for me to remove any low XP members.


Lol, that reminds me of Doki Doki Literature Club


Hi there! Is the club still full?


Hi Michaela. Right now I have 3 semi-active members who have not maintained the weekly XP, and 5 who have not been using DuoLingo Japanese all week (0 streak and 0 XP). So there should be 5-8 spots open in several hours! :-D

Since you sound interested, I would be happy to add you directly to the club after the leaderboard resets at midnight GMT (my 7 P.M. EST). I'll make a note right now so I don't forget.


Sorry, I thought I could add people directly to the club but when I click on Invite Members, it tells me to share the club code (same as in the original post). We are now down to 7 members and 8 available slots. First come, first served!


Thank you for trying. I will try my luck again next Sunday now that I know what time the reset happens.

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