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Dia daoibh,

I have made a twitter bot that sends out Irish words with the English translation and adds a link to a pronunciation website.

At the moment it tweets out 3 -5 words a day and I am still tweaking the time in which it sends each tweet.

Feel free to follow it:

Go raibh maith agaibh!

1 year ago


Well done Leap-Head Will have a good look at it. go raibh maith agat agus slan lath.

1 year ago
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1 year ago

Thanks CodyORB and FloraPeach. I just started running the script on a 3rd party so it should start tweeting more frequently.

1 year ago

Go raibh maith agat.. Just a question... Is the bot still running... Looking at twitter page, last words were from 5th Feb?

1 year ago

It seems bot stopped working could you please contact me offline if you have any problems with it (I might be able to help - andy.rozman(at)gmail,com). I am computer programmer and I know quite bit of IT (I administer virtual server). If you need server to run it from, I have one of those too.

1 year ago

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