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"This is why"

There are some adverbs that I've found that all basically mean, "this is why." These adverbs are darum, daher, dadurch, and dashalb. Can someone please explain the difference between these 4 words?


January 27, 2018



Deshalb, deswegen and daher are basically the same and something like aus diesem Grund. There might be situations where just one can be used, but their meaning is very similar or maybe even exactly the same.

Dadurch describes something different. It can sometimes be interchanged with the words above, but its more like durch diesen Umstand.

Ich schreibe morgen eine Klausur, deswegen/daher/deshalb/darum lerne ich viel. Die Klausur morgen is the reason why I am learning a lot.

Ich schreibe morgen eine Klausur, dadurch lerne ich viel. Technically you are learning not for the Klausur, but the "existance" of the Klausur causes that I learn a lot in EITHER I learn a lot because I have to write (same as above) OR I learn by writting the Klausur (so here its not the learning as preparation, but maybe learning to not be nervous while writing it).

Also darum, daher, dadurch can also describe pathing. Ich ging dadurch (I went through it). Ich ging darum. I went that way. Ich ging daher. I just walked there (and minded my own business without any concrete purpose).

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