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I need help!

I get to level 9 but stuck at Cmp. Past 0/9 because the first lesson, has no right answer, so I am not allowed to go further! Can some one help me or tell me what to do? Or this is the way Duolingo earn some money? Do I have to pay to go on?

Kindly regard

Siri Rekdal

January 27, 2018



what's the question you are stuck on in Cmp Past? (And no, i don't believe they just want your money)


I saw your post in the first question on Comp Past about this question and there was a debate about the correct answer being available. I received this question as one I had to type the answer in English which is "I ate a big fish", and I was marked correct and proceeded. But I have completed the tree.

Apparently, your form of the question is to select the missing word for
"J'ai ............. un grand poisson", from a list.

There is a post just above yours that says:

Ah! You will notice that option 4 is not visible unless one pages down. Then number 4 becomes visible. Hence the confusion for many.

Try that.


You need to get a certain amount of XP to level up. If you go to your profile a look at the languages next to your bio it shows how much XP you need to level


Could you put this in the Troubleshooting forums? :)

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