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hundert/tausend or einhundert/eintausend

Hello everyone

I was looking for which one to use and as far as I understand it depends on the number:

105 --> hundertfünf 1105 -->tausendeinhundertfünf

To show a similar example the book Hammer's German Grammar presents below:

101100 --> hunderteintausendeinhundert

Both of the words "ein" are bolt. However I would suppose it must be:


Is the example given by the book is correct? Or do you think it can be a typo?

January 27, 2018



The book is correct.

Only numerals ending on 1 can have the -eins (hunderteins, hundertundeins, tausendundeins etc.). The components of the compound use either the uninflected '-ein' or the inflected '-eine' (Fünfhunderteinmillionen, Fünfhundertundeinemillionen).

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I learned new grammar terms, inflected and uninflected. Grammatik ist nicht mein stärkster Bereich.


Can you plese write the corresponding numbers to Fünfhunderteinmillionen and Fünfhundertundeinemillionen? Are they 501000000?

I wonder how the following numbers are written:

101000 - (Hunderteintausend?) 100100 - (Hunderttausendeinhundert?) 100001 - (Hunderttausendeins?)

Thanks for your clarification. I am asking these questions just to check if I have understood the concept well.


Fünfhunderteinmillionen = 501000000 = Fünfhundertundeinemillionen So yeah, you got it correct.

101000 - (Hunderteintausend?) Also correct. Personally I say hundertundeintausend since it sounds better for my ears and personally I think its easier to understand since such big numbers are rarely said and easy to mess up, but your form is correct and ok to use.

100100 - (Hunderttausendeinhundert?) Again correct. Your chosen form is also how I say it.

00001 - (Hunderttausendeins?) Again correct. It seems like you're doing great with the numbers.


Thanks for checking my understanding of the topic.

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