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Lost in translation

Guys, i am studying German on Assimil - Deutsch Ohne Mühe alongside Duo. In aktive wave, while i am translating English into German, I encountered a sentence like "I learn it immediately." I translate it "Ich lerne es gleich" but Assimil translate it as "Ich habe es gleich lernen."

I wonder if my translation is correct. If it isnt, why? And what is the differance of this two sentence?

January 27, 2018



Hello Chriskirklandd Your translation is correct (could also translate as Ich lerne es sofort/umgehend), Assimils translation is not correct - an option would be Ich habe es gleich gelernt, but that would be past perfect instead of present.


The English sentence in present simple is a little wierd. It sounds like there is something you are repeatedly learning immediately, which does not make much sense.

I think that "Ich lerne es gleich" would best translate to "I am about to learn it" or possibly "I'm going to learn it immediately"


Perhaps in a context such as "when something interests me, I learn it immediately"? But I realise it's far fetched.

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