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Pronunciation, which determines?

I hear two lectors women and man and he sounds better for me pronounce more..constantly. She often dont says ends of words. Why? Are they both saying in hochdeutsch? Is this something with regional dialect? If yes, which land has the most phonetic pronunciation? (reads like wrtite, without skipping the ends etc.)

January 27, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I have no concrete answer to your question, (though I suspect it's hochdeutsch yes) other than they're automated voices.


    Hello wQw..., unfortunately the computer voices are not always good to understand or even wrong. I would recommend you the slow button (turtle). The pronunciation is really clearer in this way.


    Since I didnt hear the words; I can not comment this specific case. But in general, different people have slightly different pronounciation.


    For actual human, diverse pronunciation, may I suggest this https://fr.forvo.com/?


    Or try dict.cc, I think the voice quality of German words is a bit better there in general.

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