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Progress on app and website are not the same

The progress on the app and on the website doesn't show the same. I am also not able to unlock new classes even if I have unlocked all prerequisites in the German course

January 27, 2018



I've found that sometimes when I use the app it can take a while for the website version to update accordingly.


Are you really sure you log in to your devices with the same username / email address and password?


Yes I am sure it seems like there is some bugg on the pos. pron and nom.pron on level 3 in the German course. They seam to share the same progress. When I compleate One of them the other one are also increased and I can't get past them no mather how many times I compleate them. So this kind of sucks for me...


This (not-official Duolingo) web page (https://www.duolingo.eu/GabrielLin911623/progress/

  • you have to complete one more lesson in Possessive Pronouns
  • and two lessons in Nominative Pronouns

Try this help text on the website, and make sure you have a reliable internet connection

Please tell us the result.

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