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Ça ne fait rien - French Club

Bonjour à tous. Would you like to join my French Club - Ça ne fait rien. We currently have around 7 or 8 great members and would welcome more members committed to learning French.

Each week we honour the XP winner by awarding the coveted Yellow Jersey Title and second place assumes the White Jersey. Champions are recorded at the head of the Club leader board along with the Club Record which is currently 4244 XP (my personal best is only 750)

Any level welcome. Only requirement is 100 XP per week minimum.

If you would like to join you will need to use the mobile app. Go to the club section and use the code DFWKH9.

Merci beaucoup.

January 27, 2018



Bonjour! I would love to join this group. I think that it would be great. :)



Great! There are still a few places.

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