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Why is 'ein' not always used when saying who someone is?

Hey everyone. In the sentence 'Diese Frau ist Architektin' why is 'ein' not used? In English in a literal translation it just says 'This woman is architect'. So why is it not 'Diese Frau ist eine Architektin'? Cause this seems to make alot more sense. Thanks for you help.

January 28, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Cause this seems to make alot more sense.

    That's always subjective... other languages ditch the article when referring professions:

    French: elle est architecte

    Portuguese: ela é arquitecta

    Spanish: ella es arquitecta

    Adding the article is not incorrect, just unnecessary.


    I believe that no articles are used in German when stating somebody's profession or job. :)


    Actually, among the Western European languages, English appears to be in the minority when it comes to requiring the article "a" or "an" for professions in that given context. Spanish would also omit the article, for instance.


    Jobnames are sometimes used with or without an indefinite article. Both exist, both are sometimes interchanged, usage differs regionally.


    Thanks everyone for their help

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