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"The bear eats the black pencil."

Translation:곰은 검정색 연필을 먹습니다.

January 28, 2018



why is'nt 검은 연필은 correct?


I did 검은 연필을 and it accepted it



Why are there multiple names for the colours? White = 흰색/하양색, Black = 검은색/검정색, Blue = 파란색/파랑색, etc


Well spotted. The Korean language seems to be richer when it comes to the adjective yet showing less diversity when it comes to the noun in comparison with languages such as English.

No one knows why for certain. My theories to explain such phenomena:

1) Although Korean peninsular is not grandly big, about 60% consists of mountainous areas meaning preservation of local expressions was relatively easy just like Switzerland and the Basque region of Spain.

2) Korean also had a class system similar to the Indian Caste system meaning languages used by the ruling class was not the same as the one spoken by the working class and others.

3) Just like Britain, Korea used to be divided and ruled by 3different kingdoms for long. When Korea was unified by Silla, which is Korean equivalent of England for Britain, am certain the victors' highest priority was not harmonizing different expressions used in different kingdoms.


검은색 연필 feels too formal. 검정 연필 also works ok.


is 검은 wrong here?


I do not understand 1) why 먹어요 is not aceepted. Is this sentence wrong with this level of formality. If yes, can duolingo explain the grammar here? 2) why 곰이 is not accepted. As far as I understood there is no context in the english sentences which say it HAS to be 는? 3) why is 검은 not accepted? according to Duolingo's own tips ( https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ko/Colors/tips-and-notes ) the modifier form should be accepted? if I understood this wrong, I'd appreciated duolingo team to explain why it is wrong.


Its valid. Flag it for the team.

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