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  5. "한국은 언제 춥습니까?"

"한국은 언제 춥습니까?"

Translation:When is it cold in Korea?

January 28, 2018



If it's "in Korea", can someone explain why there is no 에서?


언제 춥습니까? means "when is/are you/topic cold?". Without a topic the topic is probably the listener. So you can imagine using the location particle might sound like When are you cold in Korea?, which is not what's being asked here.

So using the topic clarifies the it in When is it cold?, so the question is literally then, When is Korea cold?.

In English however, we would usually When is it cold in Korea?.


hey ! Is anybody here learning korean in september 2018?? it feels like i am only here who do it? why are here so little new comments?


Nope its june of 2019 I'm afraid. Are you a time traveler m


I started at the beginning of the school year, but no you're not alone. It's just because people only really come here if they have questions, which I guess many people don't.


It's one year later (September 2019) and there are still people here learning Korean.


언제 춥습니까?

When is (place) cold?


겨울 때에


What is the difference between using 나까 and 니다 at the end if a sentence??


ㅂ니까/습니까 is used for questions and ㅂ니다/습니다 is used for declarative sentences. I suggest looking at the tips and notes for the Formal Moods skill accessible from the mobile/desktop website (not the app unfortunately)

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