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Spanish help! Siguiente VS próximo

Hi, I have a little problem with understanding the usage of siguiente and proximo. Could you please point out the usage of these word to me? Are these two words interchangeable? Thank you :)

4 years ago


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One thing I learned is that "próximo" means "next" only in the sense of "upcoming" - it can't be used in the past.

For example: "Six months ago I broke my leg, and the very next day I fell down the stairs! What bad luck!"

In that case "the next day" actually happened six months ago, so you would have to use "siguiente" instead of "próximo".

4 years ago


thank you

10 months ago

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siguiente: following

próximo: next

En el ejemplo siguiente, aprenderás la palabra "próximo". In the following example, you will learn the word "próximo".

El próximo año, tendré 16 años. Next year I will be 16 years old.

4 years ago


Well. "Próximo" with accent... Has two meanings. The first is similar to "siguiente" - next. The second is similar to near "cerca de" "próximo a".

El próximo domingo.... The next Sunday. Here we don't use "El siguiente domingo". You can use too "El domingo próximo".

El final está próximo... The end is near

Mi cumpleaños está próximo... My birthday is near

En un futuro próximo...

Mi casa está próxima a la tuya... My house is near yours' (.????) my house is near your house.

There is a third option... It refers to a familiar, a friend...

Es una persona próxima a mí... It doesn't mean spatial proximity... It means friendship proximity.

I hope that helps you.

4 years ago