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German sentences with no article in singular?

Fogg ist Mitglied in einem vornehmen Club.

How does this happen? If you add "ein Mitglied" wouldn't it make more sense?

Fogg is member in a noble club vs. Fogg is a member in a noble club.

What's the difference?

January 28, 2018


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It's kinda like when you don't put "Er is ein Lehrer"; well not most of the time anyway.


I guess both are possible, with maybe — I actually don't know that for certain — a nuance, if it's anything like French. You can very well say "il est membre du club", or "c'est un membre du club" (don't mind "il est"/"c'est", it's just French being French, you're not supposed to say "pronoun" is "profession or quality"). Anyway, the former is a neutral, factual mention that he is, indeed, part of the club; the later subtly emphasise that he is one member among others. Just hope some German helper will jump in.

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