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Everyone is old

I wanted to make sure my understanding of pronouns and adjectives is correct. Sorry if this is covered in a later lesson. Thanks!

I - Ja jsem (starý/stará/staré)
You (sing.) - Ty jsi (starý/stará/staré)
He - On je starý
She - Ona je stará
It - (Ono/To) je staré
We - My jsme (staří/staré/stará)
You (pl.) - Vy jste (staří/staré/stará)
They (m.) - Oni jsou staří
They (f.) - Ony jsou staré
They (n.) - Ona jsou stará

January 28, 2018



You have picked an adjective that changes its root in some forms. Also, Czech plural "you" needs a plural verb. So here you go, a few corrections (the rest is OK):

We - My jsme (staří/staré/stará)
You (pl.) - Vy jste (staří/staré/stará)
They (m.) - Oni jsou staří


Thanks for the corrections! And to think I was concerned about ono/ona/to.


the plural neuter personal pronoun you used is also debatable. if you are using just the adjective (predicatively), you cannot say "to": To jsou stará. is wrong. the personal pronoun would have to be "ona", Ona jsou stará., or switch it to the demonstrative pronoun "ta" Ta jsou stará.

you could use "to" if you had a noun with that adjective, To jsou stará města., but that does not say much about "to" being plural neuter. because you can also say To jsou staří muži., To jsou staré ženy., To je starý strom., and To je stará škola. this "to" is just weird.


Thanks for the pointers. I think I'll leave out "to/ta" and leave only "ona".

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