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  5. "I will never come back here."

"I will never come back here."

Translation:Nikdy se sem nevrátím.

January 28, 2018



What's wrong with "Nikdy se nevrátím tady" ?


tady = location = 'here'

sem = direction = '(to) here / hither' :)


Many languages distinguish between "where" as a question for a location of something and "where (to)" as a question for a direction or location of a destination. In Czech you ask "Kde?" and "Kam?". In German it is "Wo?" and "Wohin?". English obscures it with a single "Where?". "Tady", "zde", "tu" is only used for a location, not for a destination. For a destination you use "sem".


It sounds as wrong as "I will never return at school" instead of "to school".

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